Testimonials: Gate House - Tranquebar

“The isolation here is rejuvenating. It is a place without frills and yet so complete and satisfying to the mind and eye. Actually, the hotel’s simplicity enhances its elegance and sophistication.”

- The Hindu

“Tranquebar is a tranquil place, and now the Neemrana resort gives you a great staying option here, making for a perfect weekend break.”

- Outlook Traveller

“As with all magic the audience wonders – “How did they do it?” So it is with the restoration of the Tranquebar “Bungalow” and “Gate House. What elegant properties with so much attention to detail – the heritage tower, bolts, the awesome door hinges, the heritage sink, toilet pan, the chairs – just everything. My only regret – that I had only half a day to spend at a place which calls for a week’s stay. And yes the food – superb.”

- Parvez Dewan, Former Chairman ITDC, New Delhi

“On behalf of the “Tapovan France” Group that enjoyed the hospitality of Gate House, we thank you all for making our stay so memorable and comfortable. We were most impressed by the work gone in the community and the neatness of the street, as well as the peacefulness of the inhabitants. Thank you for being part of it all.”

- Dominique Robert Bliss, France & Switzerland

“I was absolutely astonished to see this wonderful change in Tharangambadi. I couldn’t believe my eyes that an old house in Tharamgambadi had been modified as a wonderful place to stay in the name of “Gate House”. Since I belong to the nearby village “Porayar” I am very much happy to feel that the days are not far off that good number of tourists around the world will visit Tharangambadi to taste a slice of Danish life. May god bless the entire team behind this success story.” 

- G. Krishnakumar

“Magnificent house, perfectly restored and decorated in a quiet and peaceful village, where you are woken up by the bell of the Church, the song of the breeze, and the Hinduist testimonies. Tranquebar has a great potential to be a jewel on the Tamil Nadu coast. Thank you to the kind and attentive staff.”

- Francoise & Michel

“Thank you for a wonderful stay in your beautifully restored hotel. A relaxing AND cultural experience for my students.” 

- JamesTobhidge, French International School, Hong Kong

“My first ‘Neemrana’ experience – very tasteful. I hope there will be many many more. Thank you!”

- Poonam Mirchanandani, Architect, Auroville

“Thanks a lot for making us have a wonderful time and a perfect start of 2010! The place is beautiful and the people and staff extraordinary. Happy new year and good luck to all of you.” 

- Paula & Santiago, Argentina

“One of the most beautiful places in Tamil Nadu – Thank you for a wonderful stay and particularly the swimming pool.” 

- Navina Sundaram

“Loved the Gate House and the details in the place! Beautiful property with a great deal of privacy! Would love to come back.”

- Amrita & Siddharth

“A week of peace at this beautiful place. A great thank you to the staff who made our stay a very special one. All the best to all of you. Love.” 

- Myrla & Oliver