Meetings and Events at The Glasshouse on The Ganges

Only corporates who reach out to completely new spaces can get themselves and their staff out of the box. This helps them remain atop their competition. That's why the Neemrana non-hotel Hotels have continued attracting leaders. So that they can expand their vision and their lungs with their ‘fast track’ team. No one who has held an intimate or off-site conference at The Glasshouse on the Ganges, Rishikesh hasn't turned their time into profit.

With its proximity to Delhi and Dehradun, the 21st-century Glasshouse, our beautiful Rishikesh resort can hold small conferences throughout the year. There is a natural beauty, and many more sunsets by the river that can be digested in just one visit.

The Glasshouse on The Ganges - 21st Century, Rishikesh Rishikesh Conference, luxury hotel in rishikesh

Twenty-three Neemrana non-hotel  Hotels each with its own unique places to confer. To float the mind in buoyant creativity – beyond the dotted line. 

Where rafting, bird watching and trekking – can all add up first to the profits of the body and mind – only then to the bottom line.

Save your people from suffocating. Plough back oxygen and space in human development. Neemrana non-hotel  Hotels have many unique settings for inter-communicating. Choose from 6 to 72 room properties. In a city, by a river, or by the sea. On a plateau, a mountain, or a hill. In a garden, a forest or by the sand dunes. Neemrana means all these – besides the conventional conference spaces.

More companies now book an entire Neemrananon-hotel  Hotel to conduct their business in intimate privacy.

Because man can't match nature's scale through landscape consultants, Neemrana helps you benefit from the planet before entering our magical interiors. Every conference organiser thanks us for surpassing their expectations. Plan your events with our luxury hotel in Rishikesh!

Meeting Spaces


Classroom Seating - 30
Theatre Seating - 30

Please arrange your own conference equipment.