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Neemrana Hotels' Tijara Fort Palace Reopens with Renewed Safety Measures

Taking yet another step to reconnect you with nature and reassure your wellbeing, this Neemrana Hotels’ property has not only undertaken special sanitisation procedures (contactless digital check-ins, thermal scanning, social distancing, use of PPE kits and frequent disinfection, to name a few) for all the ingredients procured, but has also set up a chicken coop at the in-house gardens. They have also set up an immunity-boosting drinks menu that features ingredients like turmeric, oranges, coconut water and kadha.

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Rani Mahal Facade

A Tweet About Neemrana Hotels's Safety And Hygiene Measurements

Two travelers shared their experience of staying in our hotel and how well we have followed all the sanitization and hygiene processes in their twitter handle. They have mentioned about how easy was their contactless check-in and our excellent hospitality service. They enjoyed their long walk in our property while wearing the mask to ensure their safety and the ones surrounding them.  
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Deo Bagh - 17th Century, Gwalior - a panoramic view of the resort in Gwalior during daytime

Rahul Mishra's Lotus Pond - Festive Couture 2020 shot at magnificent Tijara Fort-Palace.

Neemrana Hotels & Nerolac - Drenching Sarhetta In Colors Of Happiness

Once lying in a state of obscurity, Sarhetta, a small village in Rajasthan, now walks on the path of global recognition. Marked by barren walls and decrepit huts, the village is now cloaked in brightcolours- thanks to an initiative byNeemrana Hotelsand Nerolac Paints. The initiative was embarked upon with a desire to bring backcoloursin the lives of the villagers and 850 plus homes were painted as part of this unique social initiative.

The main aim of the campaign was to promote tourism in the village and ensuring a steady means of livelihood for the villagers, hence leading to a boost in the economy of the backward village. Participation of the village youth was paramount to the success of the campaign and ensured that the young could carry forward this colourful legacy.

Another goal that was achieved through the campaign was curbing of littering outside the homes. Colorful homes built with one's own hard work is a strong detriment towards littering and the villagers have now adopted a more hygienic lifestyle. What's more, the paints used pose no hazards or health risks to the dwellers.

The Neemrana and Nerolac partnership has injected a new life and soul into the village of Sarhetta, making it a town of happy faces and rainbow smiles.

Introducing the 30 State winners of fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019. The state winners of Miss India 2019  competed for the crown in the grand finale on June 15, 2019.

GM of Neemrana Fort Palace wishes Miss India 2019 state winners luck for the finale

When fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019 state winners visited the Neemrana For Palace fort during the unveiling photoshoot.

BBG Christmas Extravaganza 2019

Ms. Sonavi Kaicker CEO Neemrana Hotels with Lady Asquith British High Commission at the BBG Christmas Extravaganza 2019
the ceo of Neemrana at an event

Neemrana Hotels was one of the sponsors at the BBG Christmas Extravaganza on 10th December 2019 at the residence of the British High Commissioner, New Delhi. Ms. Sonavi Kaicker, CEO Neemrana Hotels and Lady Asquith, British High Commission gave away the prize to the lucky winner at the event.

A Fantastic Experience at Neemrana!

Anjana Ramesh, an upcoming Bharatnatyam dancer held the entire audience in a daze when she performed at the Neemrana Hotels in February. As elegant as she is on the dance floor, she graced us with an amazing feedback-

I'm writing to let you know that I had a fantastic experience at Neemrana. Something that I will cherish for life. So much love and warmth. I really wish I could meet you though. A lovely bunch of attentive audience is all that an artist can ask for, and I was surely blessed with one. I have to make special mention of the stage and lighting - this is something that the best of best auditoriums lack, but Neemrana gave me a stage that I will never choose to forget. 

Dance Performane Neemrana Hotels

Sonavi Kaicker, CEO of Neemrana Hotels, graces the Luxury Brand Summit 2018 with her presence!

Neemrana Live Sonavi Kaicker CEO of Neemrana Hotels 3
Neemrana Live Sonavi Kaicker CEO of Neemrana Hotels 2
Neemrana Live Sonavi Kaicker CEO of Neemrana Hotels 1

Sonavi Kaicker, CEO of Neemrana Hotels, was a part of the Luxury Brand Summit 2018, held by the Amity Educational Group. Her benign presence and support was a great source of inspiration for the students and faculty members. Renowned brands including Swarovski and Apple took part in the event as well. 

Neemrana pledges for a cleaner environment

Neemrana Live update

Neemrana's pledge towards a cleaner and better environment has led to an incredible community initiative in the Khoondraut village in Neemrana block of Alwar district.

Neemrana Footprint has collaborated with Swatchch Bharat Mission, Dept. of Alwar. Together they have started awareness programmes among locals and also planned for cleanliness training at different levels.

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Neemrana Hotels Ranked Among The Top 25 Wedding Hotels in Asia

Neemrana Fort Palace ranked among top 25 wedding hotels in Asia. The reader's poll conducted by Smart Travel Asia, one of the leading online travel magazines has awarded our resort near Jaipur, one of the top wedding destinations in Asia. Neemrana Fort Palace made its mark in the 14th year of the annual poll for worldwide frequent travellers. The poll offers a genuine brand preference amongst a knowledgeable high-spend high-travel audience.

Experience a dream wedding in Rajasthan where our extravagant wedding venues will create a rapturous memory and an experience that you will revisit in your dreams.

Neemrana achieved Best Wedding Hotel award

Hospitality Leaders’ Industry Choice Awards 2018

A person getting awarded

Sonavi Kaicker, CEO, Neemrana Hotels has just won the prestigious Visionary Rising Star of the Year Award at the 4th Edition of the Hospitality Leaders’ Industry Choice Awards 2018 held at Mumbai on 29th May 2018 in conjunction with the Hotelier Summit India – 2018.
The 6th Annual Hotelier Summit – India 2018 celebrates and recognises the stalwarts of the hospitality industry, who have distinguished themselves in their field of expertise. The 4th Edition Hospitality Leaders’ Industry Choice Awards is not any other award function where the winners are decided just by a jury or a panel, but is the choice of the professionals involved with the fraternity themselves.
Sonavi was one of the 5 nominees from across the country that were shortlisted for this award.
This is a proud Neemrana moment for the entire team !

A group of people posing for a picture

Sonavi Kaicker, CEO of Neemrana Hotels - An inspiration to all women out there!

Read this International Women's Day article featured on

 Miss Sonavi Chopra Neemrana Hotels

Sonavi, the CEO of Neemrana hotels, got featured in an article on 6 leading career ladies in India by on this International Women's Day. Responsibility, perseverance, teamwork, integrity and leadership are the 5 qualities she swears by. She loves to don heirloom sarees for traditional events and pants make her feel as the ultimate Girl Boss!

Trust your own instincts and capabilities. Don’t copy or try and become someone else- they’ve had a different childhood, education, personality and panache. Likewise, no one else can become you even if they tried!

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World Health Day Celebrations at Neemrana

Neemrana Hotels celebrated World Health Day on 7th April 2018,  highlighting the importance of maintaining good health. The programme included demonstration of low-cost nutritious recipes, awareness session on micronutrient deficiency disorders, and the importance of hygiene. The awareness sessions were held with frontline health care workers and community members. It was an insightful event for all.

Neemrana Hotels wins the National Tourism Award (2016-17)

Neemrana Hotels has won the National Tourism Award (2016-17) for the Best Heritage Hotel, Classic Category that was awarded to Deo Bagh, Gwalior.
Ms. Sonavi Kaicker (CEO, Neemrana Hotels), as well as Shrimati Umadevi Raje Jadhav (Owner, Deo Bagh), received the award from K.J. Alphons, the Honourable Minister of State (IC) for Tourism, Government of India at the Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.
The site of Deo Bagh is where Babur is supposed to have camped during his campaigns. It has 15 rooms spread across 5 wings, facing a Nau Bagh. It houses architectural treasures within the property, including 17th-18th century Maratha temples, splendid cenotaphs and a pavilion with 36 arched doors, which makes Deo Bagh one of the unique heritage hotels in India.

Tijara Fort-Palace Receives Award for Washroom Restoration in Heritage Property

a person talking on stage
a man getting awarded
a filled banquet hall

A moment of prestige for the entire team of Neemrana Hotels when Mr.Jyotir Das (Manager - Operations) receives the award for "Washroom restoration in heritage property” on the behalf of Tijara Fort-Palace.

Break The Glass Ceiling - Women In Leadership

Youth Thinkeres Conference 2
Youth Thinkeres Conference 5
Youth Thinkeres Conference 1

The CEO of Neemrana Hotels, Sonavi Kaicker has made an immense contribution in the welfare of growth of women entrepreneurs in the country. Despite the fact that women are leaping ahead into leadership positions, they are still a lack of representation of women in the top ranks in most organizations. The recent conference held in Hyderabad addressed the title “Women in Leadership- Benefits, and Barriers” by joining hands with British Deputy High Commission in Hyderabad and Indian School of Business. Together let us take an initiation to uplift the inner goddesses of every woman in this diverse community of our proud country.

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Two people getting awarded on stage
award ceremony

'Celebrate with a bouquet of happiness and love at Neemrana Fort Palace'

Neemrana Hotels Cater To The Emerging Needs of Indo-Anglian Millenials

Indo - Anglian, is a word that sounds unfamiliar and alien to most Indians, and yet, is a culture that is slowly spreading in most urban cities of India. Indo-Anglians predominantly belong to the English speaking class and represent a cross-section between traditional Indian beliefs and Global cultural influences like Apple, Netflix,Starbucks, FabIndiaandNeemrana.

Indo- Anglians on the surface may seem like a wayward or rootless community, but it's liberal views and tolerance for caste/cultural differences make it an ideal that the new-age Indians can aspire to. Neemrana Hotels, with its blend of tradition with contemporary ambience, becomes the perfect stop for Indo-Anglians seeking respite from the stress of demanding lifestyles. 

At Neemrana Hotels, each guest is treated with warmth and yet given the desired space to introspect and reflect on their inner spiritual needs. Click below to know more about the growing community of Indo-Anglians and their impact on social, political and economic views. 

Indo-Anglians will aid to the growth and sustenance of key brands like Neemrana Hotels, which is equipped to handle their myriad needs.