A true hideaway
The himalayan hideaway is ideal for myriad reasons--- the location--- the care taken to not disrupt the environment-- the service the food--- everything contributes to a truly holistic experience--- the close proximity to the heavenly ganga adds manyfold to the charm of the place--- a must visit for anyone seeking solitude”
– Kavita Berry, Jan 2021

I intended staying a couple of nights but spent a week at this wonderful place. The location was excellent,right on The Ganges...food and sevice were also excellent...the jewel in the crown was the manageress Tanya...very helpful...if I owned a hotel I would hire her on the spot! I highly recommend this place and will return.”
– Stephen H, March 2020

A haven of peace and tranquility next to the river Ganges
Everything about the Himalayan Hideaway - the food, design of the buildings, service and welcome - is delivered with such love and attention to detail. The staff managed by lovely Tanya, all share a real pride in what they deliver and show such concern for customers. We stayed for 5 nights and ate all our meals at the hotel. Every meal was absolutely delicious AND different and all diets - from vegan to gluten free - are catered for. It is a real hideaway but there’s plenty of things to do.
Activities include a spa offering massages, a fantastic yoga studio, white water rafting, bespoke hiking and rafting packages and Rishikesh is just 30 minute drive away. Highlights for us were visiting a local temple and ashram a couple of kilometres away , walking along the beach ( a 5 minute descent down steps from the hotel), a daily yoga sessions and a white water trip. Won’t forget the great chats around the fire pit at night with charming owners Ganeve and Yousef, the thundering sound of the Ganges as a permanentsoundtrack and the best food we’ve eaten in India.”
–Julie Simpson, March 2020

Best place to stay in Rishikesh Shivpuri
EVERYTHING was SPECTACULAR! The location and rooms are perfect. Dreamy, spacious, stunning and so peaceful. The staff are exceptional both in skill and attitude whether it's cleaning, cooking or guiding. The hostess is so warm, polite and super helpful. Extra points for Sikander the chef, Tanya the hostess and Paresh the server. Ram - the adventure guide was also very helpful and skilled but we couldn't personally use his skills this time. Once again - the food, stay, hospitality and warmth were BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL. JUST LOVE IT. STRONGLY RECOMMEND.
– Parul4us, March 2020

An Unforgettable Holistic & Refreshing Holiday
Nestled in the lush forests at the foothills of the verdant Himalayas, next to the sparkling green waters of the Ganges (including a shimmering white beach!!), our family holiday (parents, my husband and I) at the Himalayan Hideaway surpassed all expectations and was the best choice to reconnect and revitalise. From the minute we entered the space to when we left, we felt so well looked after.

The rooms are elegant, clean, smell amazing(!!), with attention given to detail from the linen to the furniture & fittings lending warmth and a homely feeling to each of the rooms (not your cookie cutter type rooms). Our two rooms had a larger connected verandah with a stunning view of the mountains, forest and the river. The air is crisp, and the silence a welcoming sound- sometimes interrupted by birds and the Ganges :)

The staff was extremely attentive to our needs, knowing when to shower us with attention and when to leave us alone. The service was of a very high standard (hot water bottles put in our bed at night was such a lovely touch). The meals were delicious, wholesome, with thought put into each course. They even have their own veggie garden !!). Apart from all the relaxing we had a myriad of activities to choose from - rafting, hikes around the area, yoga all run by professionals.

This property is a haven for those seeking solace, wellness and comfort away from the daily hustle and bustle along with a bit of adventure! My family and I were so glad to be in a space that honours nature and it's surroundings, giving time and thought to a perfect holistic experience. Thank you to everyone at the Himalayan Hideaway for making our stay memorable! We will be back soon.
– Sana R., Feb 2020

A Secret Gem @Shivpuri- Rishikesh
The name says it all, a Hideaway amongst idyllic vistas of thick forests and blissful sounds of the River Ganges. The hotel infuses high voltage of soothing energy and one feels totally empowered. Ms. Tanya Tully the Manager takes care of every need : that one feels so relaxed & comfortable. She is very detailed and it shows up in the neatness, cleanliness of the property. The food is cooked to perfection by Chef Rana and a gastronomic delight that satisfies ones mind, body & spirit. We enjoyed every bit of the service offered from its welcome drink to the bonfires to Rafting (so safely manouvered by highly skilled Rafter Ranjeet, Himalayan Runner by Himalayan Hideaway) to having a heated room to return too with hot water bottles to add to the warmth. I highly endorse this property in Rishikesh, it takes one back to an slowly lost era of calmness, peace amidst in natural landscapes (no modern manicured gardens as most hotels have that their look similar) & feel is symbolized in the stones cottage with terracotta red stones floors overlooking the holy sounds & mystic views of the River Ganges. There is no other property like that in Rishikesh: a positive tonic for ones soul: you will be healed... Himalayan Hideaway speaks to your heart and Tanya Tully fullfills your Holiday with mesmerizing service along with her Team, who too are the heroes of this magical place....a wonderland developed by the owners, who have put lots of love in it.
– Sharon Tully, Jan 2020