Nearby Attractions around The Glasshouse on The Ganges - Rishikesh


Situated about 5 kilometers away from Rishikesh stands the beautiful architectural structure - The Lakshman Jhula, famously known as the 'hanging bridge' across the River Ganga. The bridge connects two villages - Tapovan and Jonk, and is believed to be the site where Lord Lakshman crossed the river. Constructed in 1929, this iron suspension bridge is about 450 feet long with an elevation of 70 feet from the water level. The Lakshman Jhula is extremely well known amongst tourists because of the rich mythological associations that are connected with the bridge.

Laxman Jhulla - Glasshouse on the Ganges
Neelkanth Temple - Glasshouse on the Ganges


Considered as one of the most sacred and historical shrines amongst the Hindus, the Neelkanth Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who is believed to be 'the destroyer of the evil and the transformer' according to Hindu mythology. The temple is about 32 kilometers away from Rishikesh and is mounted on a hill above Swarg Ashram in Haridwar. The temple gains its popularity as it is believed to the spot where Lord Shiva drank the poison, which turned his throat into a shade of blue colour, giving him the name 'Neelkantha'.


This is a home to many lesser-known waterfalls in India. To reach these beautiful waterfalls, one has to trek for a few kilometers. Neergarh waterfall is about 3 kilometers away from Lakshman Jhula on the Badarinath highway. If you want to spend time with your family and friends, this is one of the must visit places.


Neer Garh Water Fall 1
Devprayag near The Glasshouse by The Ganges in Rishikesh


Devprayag is a town situated in Tehri Garhwal district, known for being one of the five confluences of Alaknanda River, where Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers meet to form the River Ganga. Being the birthplace of The Ganges, the town is considered sacred and is home to copious tourists from around the world.

Devprayag is also surrounded by three might peaks - Giddhanchal Parvat, Dashrathanchal Parvat, and Narsinghancal Parvat. 


Located about 10 minutes away from The Glasshouse on The Ganges, Vashistha Cave is an ancient cave known for its religious and tranquil atmosphere. The cave gets its name and importance after Sage Vashistha, one of the Saptarishi in Hindu mythology, who is believed to have meditated in the same spot.

The cave is famous among meditation lovers who long for a serene and holy ambience to indulge in the art of meditation.


Robher s Cave Dehradun 1


Situated about 8 kilometers from Dehradun, Robber's Cave is a river cave formation in the foothills of the Shivalik ranges.

The cave is popular among tourists from around the world due to its serene atmosphere, stone walls, and the cold waters that brush against your feet. The cave runs across 600 meters and has a height of 10 meters.