Spa at Hotel Neemrana Fort-Palace

Neemrana Fort is a 15th century fort, one of India’s oldest heritage resort sprawled over 25 acres of land in the backdrop of the Aravalli range. The palace area is stepped over 3 acres and the ten levels provide a mesmerizing view. The ruins of the fort-palace have been restored and the results have surpassed the palatial benchmarks. Most rooms boast of a private balcony and the bathrooms have been specially designed to have splendid views. The interiors have an eclectic mix of traditional, antique and colonial furniture. Efforts have been made to ensure that the Guests have a holistic experience and get a taste of the lifestyle of a King with the modern-day comforts.

Wellness of body, mind and soul, when duly complemented with a wholesome experience is always embraced with positivity. The underlying philosophy at Neemrana is that, it’s a unique lifestyle spa in Rajasthan which would inevitably help the guest access and unlock the hidden reserves of energy. This idyllic wellness escapade comprises of state of art gymnasium equipment, outdoor sunlight-spectrum yoga, meditation apart from the wide array of therapies, treatments, body polishes & exfoliation a blend of which would truly awaken the senses and calm the unsettled mind.

Spa, Neemrana fort palace, spa in Rajasthan
Spa, Neemrana fort palace, spa in Rajasthan 4

The Spas boast of fully-equipped treatment rooms and steam rooms with a vast variety of body pampering treatments such as body scrubs, radiating body polishes and wraps, exclusive facial treatments and full body packages are available. There are recommended therapies to get a baby soft texture and to remove tanning and sunburns which have been greatly appreciated by our widely travelled customers. Exotic spices and yogurt are used to exfoliate & tighten the skin and special herbs and spices with healing properties are used- lifting the spirits, soothing the soul.

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The other area of expertise includes the Ayurvedic therapies exclusively formulated to detox and de-stress. The soothing Shirodhara (eases you into a state of lingering calm), the Abyanga (synchronized massage therapy) and the chakra dhara (oils poured over chakras) bring the senses in a state of blissful contentment. The famous Kizhi therapy which a highly specialized Herbal fermentation massage given by bun of linen dipped in warm oil that would undoubtedly release all tension and help the Guest embrace the healing pleasures.

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Flickering candle lights, aromatic oils, the soothing smell of freshly plucked flowers helps the Guest embark upon a journey of ultimate tranquility accompanied with exclusive pampering. We believe in giving the best to our guests, therefore creating an ambience of Heaven-on-Earth. Be a part of a memorable experience at one of the best hotels in Rajasthan.