Testimonials: Arco Iris - Curtorim

“One of the best things about living at Arco – besides the family’s pet labrador Feni who will lick you clean if you’d let her and then shed all over you – is its location. There is the well-kept lawn – the house is situated on a 1.5 acre property – that you can either admire from afar or give in to. There’s also a lake at walking distance. The river Zuari flows right behind the house, and a walk through the lanes that led to the river made us wonder if we had ever known Goa at all.” 

- Gitanjali Chandrasekharan
Sunday MiD Day

“Located 30 minutes from the coast, this 120-year-old colonial Portuguese-style heritage home is a luxurious homestay renovated with love and care. The five guest rooms are large, airy and beautifully designed with antiques and sumptuous fabrics, whilst the home cooked meals are always sumptuous and plentiful! ”

- Dhruv Baker
BBC Master Chef Winner

“Arco Iris is ideal for those who want to live like a Goan and smell the Goan soil, take delight in the clucking of the hens, grunting of the pigs, the pealing of the church bells, the honking of the local baker’s cycle horn, a hearty afternoon siesta in a planter’s chair, indulge in village gossip in the local taverns and settle down for chats with village folks on wooden tables.” 

- Distant Frontiers