Hosts at Arco Iris - Curtorim

Bennita and Ganesh will be your hosts at Arco Iris. 

Beni is the Goan half of the team that returned to live in Goa. Gani was her willing partner!

Together, it was they who found and restored the dilapidated house that they had found, over a 4-year process.

Beni and Gani Arco Iris Curtorim, Arco Iris - 19th C, Curtorim Goa

They are delighted to share the experience and serenity of life in Arco with you. So that you leave a bit “Goanised”! 

In addition, your hosts will be glad to offer any assistance in terms of transport arrangements, sightseeing options, leisure activities, or just about anything else which will make your stay in Goa memorable.