History & Philosophy - Arco Iris - 19th Century

Curtorim, Goa

Neemrana’s 'Noble Homes' believe that you don’t have to build one home each by a river, the sea, a desert, or in the mountains. You can just get the keys to stylish, running homes which you can step into and call your own. And it isn’t always easy to find such amazing locations as to where these Noble Homes are sited!

Arco Iris is Neemrana's third Noble Home in Goa and has the most ideal location as it is a kilometre away from the Zuari river. 

Arco Iris means “Rainbow” in Portuguese, and was built on a sprawling, 1.5-acre terraced property which overlooks a seasonal lake. This supplements the water requirements of the surrounding paddy fields. The proximity to the lake and the Zuari, the abundant greenery in and around the property, ensure a picturesque Goan setting throughout the year.  

The house itself is styled along colonial Portuguese lines with a high plinth, imposing columns, high ceilings and offers excellent natural ventilation throughout the year. It has been restored, true to its heritage and without compromising the modern-day amenities that have come to be associated with the changes in lifestyle since the early 19th century.

2 View of Arco Iris Arco Iris - 19th C Curtorim Goa
1 Front view Arco Iris - 19th C Curtorim Goa

During the restoration process, all efforts were made to preserve the original materials which had originally gone into the construction of the house by using them, at times, for alternate purposes.  The end result is a house which reflects a judicious and tasteful blend of the modern and the traditional.  

With a built-up area of around 7,000 sq feet, the house comprises an “Entrada” (foyer), “sala” (living room), dining room, four guest bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a fully equipped modern kitchen. Three of the bedrooms open onto private balconies. It also has a “balcao” (balcony) in front and a courtyard at the rear.  The “balcao”, is the most social part of the house where any daily activity, be it catching up with neighbours, reading morning newspapers, eating, or just plain lazing can be enjoyed.  The “sala” or the high ceilinged living room is reserved for formally receiving and entertaining visitors. The dining room is dominated by the dining table which can comfortably seat 8. All bedrooms have been suitably modified to accommodate attached bathrooms with modern amenities. The bedroom colours have been chosen to keep in mind the colours of the rainbow.

There is plenty of space to read in the lounges, the dining room, or outdoors in the verandah.

2 Front semi tiled Arco Iris - 19th C Curtorim Goa
View Arco Iris - 19th C Curtorim Goa