Dining At Arco Iris - Curtorim

The dining area lies at the heart of the ‘noble’ home that Arco Iris is, attracting guests by the magnetism of its location. 

One of the doors from the courtyard wall has been converted into a dining table where guests are served typical Goan food, cooked by the locals of the region. Goan cuisine is a unique cuisine with a strong Portuguese influence, intertwined with the wonders that Indian food of that area has to offer.

Dining Arco Iris - 19th C Curtorim Goa 1, Dine In Goa

Upon prior request, guests can enjoy a home-cooked lunch or dinner at our hotel in Goa. Should you desire to taste a special dish or have a particular preference, you can certainly make a request at the previous meal, and the Chefs will try and please you. Experience the best of coastal cuisine when you are dining in Goa.