Testimonials: The Verandah in the Forest - Matheran

“The Verandah in the Forest is steeped in nostalgia that people who say ‘for-teh’ and ‘fif-teh’ can identify with. This nostalgia is not mine. But then the Verandah in the Forest is probably the nicest place to stay in Matheran and, given its British and Parsi history, the most appropriate. It has super food, and excellent service.” 

- Ashima Narain
Outlook Traveller 

“The Verandah in the Forest, is where Bombay’s movers and shakers which include filmstars and businessmen come to spend a few quiet and peaceful days. 
My mind is trying to comprehend where the magnificent and warm Dubash family getaway ended and where the hotel began. I can’t really tell, and that is the wonder of it all.”  

- Upper Crust Magazine 

“The entrance is deliberately muted. Francis and Aman can be relied upon not to turn a gracious dowager into a flashy strumpet. You enter as a guest at a family house……the specialness of this latest property is that, bar the discreet presentation of the bill, you can’t really tell where a family getaway ends and a hotel begins……”

- Bachi Kankaria
 Mumbai, Mid-Day

“It was a sheer pleasure to stay here. It was my first visit but surely not the last.”

- Javed Akhtar
Poet, Lyricist, & Scriptwriter

“For Bharti’s 60th birthday there could be no place more appropriate to spend a weekend with close friends. Thank you for the warmth and hospitality. The staff really went out of their way to make it memorable.”

- Shabana Azmi
Actress & Social Activist

“An absolute gem!! If you ever needed an introduction to India, this is it. The staff are faultless and really helped to make this experience unforgettable. Will definitely be back!! Thanks to you all for making our first trip to India a memorable start.” 

- M. Harmer
London, UK

“It’s an adventure....I was with my mom-wife-daughter (18 months), never thought we had to sit on the horse for 1 hour! The place is just beautiful! I will recommend it to anyone who likes hotels with no TV; excellent food! Keep it going.”

- Rahul Gambhir
Pune, India

“Our stay here has been one of the highlights of our three years in India. The peace and quietness of this sanctuary is absolutely wonderful and refreshing. A big thank you to the pleasant staff, and all the effort that has been made to preserve the forest and this beautiful treasure.”

- Paula & Peter Screwener

“I found out about this place through the internet, while sitting in far-away, cold Sweden. It was a wonderful experience to stay here for four nights during the monsoon. No TV! No internet! Just the jungle sounds – great! The dinner was a well-composed marriage of colours and flavours. Service was excellent. On Thursday and Friday we were almost alone at the hotel. On the weekend, the place was filled up with Indian families. Both experiences were nice, just different. I will recommend this place to all my friends.”

- Terese Bergfors
Uppsala, Sweden

“We have always savoured the many delights that Neemrana properties have offered to its guests. The Verandah does absolute justice to the group. Nature literally dominates here and the staff goes out of their way to keep it that way, with the odd exception of shooing the pesky monkeys away. Please keep it that way. Most hill stations in the country have gone commercial, this one needs to be kept out of harm’s way. We can’t help complementing, once again Neemrana for creating a gem and helping us city-weary travellers get a respite from the urban madness. Congratulations!! The staff were discrete and attentive to our needs. Thanks very much.”

- Mona & Gopesh Singh
New Delhi, India


“A truly magical place, The Verandah in the Forest is very special and we consider ourselves fortunate to have experienced such a wonderful part of India. All the staff here have been exceptional and have made us feel so welcome and comfortable. 
The building is beautiful and we have enjoyed exploring the grounds. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful holiday.” 

- Maureen Glencross & Sarah Kennedy
London, UK


“A wondrous place indeed!! No TV, no mobile phone coverage – pure and unadulterated bliss. Love the place, the outstanding and hospitable service – supplemented by great food. Thank you!!” 

- Aditya & Ariya Trehan
Mumbai, India

“Had a great reputation before we got here and it lived up to it! Our 2 year old lived it here and he was given the run of the place by the staff which was great! Thanks all.” 

- Rebecca Viveash
UK & Ireland

“Could roil-in and we are cocooned in a wonderful atmosphere, enjoying the Sassoon Room. Charmed by the staff and the environment. The Admiral was most pleased. Loved the Parsee photos. Thank you! Thank you for everything – our stay was divine: food, comfort and climate. Look forward to coming back one day.” 

- Justine Lloyd
Sydney, Australia 

“We enjoyed our interlude at your “de-stressing” zone immensely. The service was attentive and cheerful and the food was great!! We will most definitely visit again.”

- Anita Shukla
Mumbai, India

“Wow!! Heavy hearts again as we leave the Verandah, our ‘HOMEL’. We were here to enjoy the rains and we sure did!! What a beautiful location to welcome the South-West Monsoons. The birds were our companions, and the clouds our abode. We want to say kudos to your very trained staff.”

- Deepak Sardesai
Mumbai, India


“After a few days in Mumbai, The Verandah was another nice place, peaceful and charming!”

- Blanc Zean-Marc

“A rare place. The worlds are not enough to describe. Pollution, noise free ambience. “Silence” what we miss in other parts of the country. Having travelled to Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria, Lake District – I find solace only here. Staff, food, service all superb. Keep it up. Would definitely come again & again.” 

- Unknown
New Delhi, India

“We had a wonderful time. Warmly welcomed, pampered, fed with (too) delicious meals. Stunning surroundings, rare silence and peace. Special thanks to the monkey guard and the staff for their courteous and attentive service. The cook (and helpers) made a wonderful birthday cake...and others helped us with composing a Bollywood short for our daughter’s birthday. Thank you, thank you!” 

- Michael & Denise Moys
Johannesburg, South Africa


“A welcome oasis in the travelling itinerary – loved the wildlife around us and the misty atmosphere on the Verandah as the rains formed waterfalls off the roof. A delight! Tea on the verandah in the monsson rain was great fun! Great staff, dodgy monkeys, funny chipmunks, great time. A lovely step back in time – so tranquil. Many thanks.” 

- Roberto
London, UK

 “Great place for short walks to fantastic viewing points. We would love to return to this tranquillity.”

- Elliot Owen
Mumbai & UK

“After numerous visits here last year, it gets better and better. Riding in the monsoons is unbelievable and the spectacular views are breathtaking. Cannot wait to return, but for now work prevails. The hotel staff are always polite and unobtrusive which is a big plus point.”


“This was an amazing 40th birthday, and the hotel is always a great experience. I have been so often in 2.5 years it feels like a home away from home!” 

- Anita Patel
Mumbai & UK 

 “We had a very relaxing and wonderful stay. The peace, tranquillity and history of The Verandah in the Forest will be forever remembered by us. Our only regret is that two nights were not enough. Will definitely return.” 

- Dean & Alice Morrison