Dining at The Verandah in the Forest - Matheran

The various Neemrana properties, located all over India, offer fresh products available in that region.  Our local cuisines with a different palate experience are for gourmets who travel with their taste buds – and also enjoy eating with their eyes!

At The Verandah in the Forest, broadly, we serve Indian cuisine with a few Continental or Oriental dishes at random, to suit a range of tastes and palates. Italian and Chinese dishes are often added to enrich the range of buffet spreads. 

The Verandah in the Forest - 19th Century, Matheran Matheran Dining The Verandah in the Forest Matheran Maharashtra 1
The Verandah in the Forest - 19th Century, Matheran Matheran The Verandah in the Forest Matheran Maharashtra 4
The Verandah in the Forest - 19th Century, Matheran Matheran The Verandah in the Forest Matheran Maharashtra 3

The meats and vegetables are procured on a regular basis. We prefer not to deep freeze our foods for long durations or for non-seasonal offering.

Should you desire to taste a special dish or have a particular preference, you can certainly make a request at the previous meal, and the chefs will try and please you.

“The Verandah also bakes its own biscuits – which are flower-shaped and with just the right amount of sweetness. If you are staying there for a while, do give the cook a day’s notice to prepare a chocolate cake. He can whip up the most delicious delights – in the creamy and sponge varieties, something all Verandah loyalists have patronized again.”  

- Upper Crust Magazine 

“Our delicious three-course dinner awaited in the connecting room, Malet Hall. It was served on a candle-laden dining table which could have seated at least 23 more people. The Barr House is probably the nicest place to stay in Matheran and, given its British and Parsi history, the most appropriate. It has super food, and excellent service. ” 

- Ashima Narain
Outlook Traveller

“If one ever designed to live the life of a Merchant Ivory film this is the place to come....! The service was wonderful. The four course meals were splendid. Compliments to the Chef.”

- Anay & Gul Goswamy
 Mumbai, India

“Came here for the second time. Wonderful experience. The dinner was the high point of the stay, Would love to come back for a longer stay.” 

- Kedar Sohani
Mumbai, India

“Enjoyed my stay very much. Food was excellent, especially the Indian lunch. Keep up the good work to maintain the property and the beauty of the building. Will recommend you!”

- Miriam Forestier
Dusseldorf, Germany


“The care we received at this wonderful colonial bungalow has really made our week-long stay a special experience. The continental dinners were particularly excellent. The Chef and his team did a fantastic job. We hope to visit again.” 

- Rinku Dutta
Mumbai, India

“We had the bestest Italian food ever! The service was extremely personal, yet not very intrusive. The staff was great and the property the best we could get in Matheran. Please stay the same, and do not ever spoil the place by having a TV in the premises! God bless you guys!”

- Vaibhav
Mumbai, India

“Thank you for a wonderful stay. We greatly appreciated the excellent food and attentive service. We will recommend The Verandah to our friends, and we look forward to returning.” 

- Paul Smith
Guernsey, UK

“Thank you for a great stay. The location and building are lovely and it’s very peaceful. The service has been excellent and the food amazing – lots of it too! Thank you!” 

- Emily & Philip Brown

“An excellent preservation of architectural style which is rare to see let alone stay in. Very courteous staff and great food. Compliments to the Chef. Please maintain the place the way it is.” 

- S. Ramann
Mumbai, India 

“Leaving with a heavy heart. Can’t have enough of the place......it’s so wonderful. The staff is very efficient and courteous. Would love to come back and stay longer. The food was also outstanding. Half tempted to eat a meal before leaving! Fantastic experience. All the best! Cheers!” 

- Shuchi & Kapil Seth
Mumbai, India