Activities & Attractions Near Le Colonial - Cochin

All Neemrana properties are ‘non–hotel’ Hotels, because they were originally built for other purposes. All efforts have been made to maintain the old charm of Le Colonial while ensuring more than the basic comforts that have come to be associated with the changes in lifestyle since the 16th century. Le Colonial offers a unique experience of seeing and ‘living’ history along with a range of local excursions that help our guests unwind and rediscover themselves. Nothing about the Neemrana experience is ordinary. Walk out to the ancient Chinese fishing nets to experience how lanterns are used to attract and catch the fish at night. Le Colonial also hosts anniversaries, birthdays and other memorable occasions.

Le Colonial - 16th C, Cochin Cochin Kochi Landscape

Chinese Fishing Nets

Walk out to the ancient Chinese fishing nets to see how lanterns are used to attract and catch the fish at night. The contrast of the endless Chinese fishing nets and the countless modern ships in the distance showcase the India of today – an eclectic collection of tradition and modernity.

Le Colonial - 16th C, Cochin Cochin Kathakali dancing theatre

Kathakali Dancing Theater

Situated at the beginning of River Road is a unique Kathakali dance centre which is renowned for its special performance that entails a commentary in song along with the dance and mimic art of Kathakali. A must visit for all students of dance and music!

Le Colonial - 16th C, Cochin Cochin Paradesi Synagogue Kochi

The Paradesi Synagogue

Also known as the Mattancherry Synagogue, the Paradesi Synagogue is located in old Cochin, formerly known as Jew town. It is the oldest synagogue in all the Commonwealth Nations, and is the only one of the seven synagogues in the area still in use. The complex has four buildings. It was built adjacent to the Mattancherry Palace temple on the land awarded to the Malabari Yehuden community by the Raja of Kochi. The Mattancherry Palace temple and the Mattancherry Synagogue have a common wall connecting them.

Le Colonial - 16th C, Cochin Cochin kerala-backwaters

Backwaters Trip

The Backwaters are where the sea, lagoons, lakes, and rivers of Kerala combine into each other, forming a tangled system of water surfaces. Unique to Kerala, this amazing region and special form of life of its inhabitants is truly memorable. Going by boat, one dives into a completely different world, consisting of nature and people belonging to it. In most cases, backwater tours include a visit to the miniature spice gardens, where you can observe all the plants and herbs which rendered the Malabar Coast into a highly admired region – making India the sought after land of spices.

Le Colonial - 16th C, Cochin Cochin Indo-Portuguese museum

Indo-Portuguese Museum

The Indo-Portuguese museum in Fort Kochi is a confluence of Indian and Portuguese art and architecture. The museum is divided into five main sections which depict the outcome of the confluence. These sections are called Altar, Treasure, Procession, Civil Life and Cathedral. The highlights of the museum include an altar made in teak (16th century) from the Church of Our Lady of Hope, Vypeen; a chasuble (19th century) from Bishop's House, Fort Kochi; a processional cross, which is a combination of silver and wood (17th century) from Santa Cruz Cathedral, Fort Kochi; and an Indo-Portuguese Monstrance (18-19th century), from The Church of Our Lady of Hope, Vypeen.