Gate House - 17th Century (Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu)

While most places in Tharangambadi (Tranquebar) are born with the beauty and treasures of history, not many hotels in Nagapattinam have the luxury of offering a palette for your eyes and music for your ears! The 17th century Gate House is a unique heritage hotel in Tamil Nadu. Indigenous Tamil architecture with red-tiled roofs, internal, pillared courtyards of domestic proportions, a wooden stairway, make the Gate House one of the three hotels in Nagapattinam revitalised by Neemrana. The Gate House has been restored to its simple nobility and also has a cooling pool now laid in its court at the back! One stopover will get you started on the discovery of the most wonderful places in Tharangambadi (Tranquebar)  !

Gate House - 17th Century, Tranquebar Tranquebar Gate House Tranquebar Tamil Nadu 2